About me

My name is Fran and I have a passion for learning and teaching languages.

I was born and brought up in Valencia, Spain and am a native Spanish speaker (and also a real family man, as you can see!)

Many years ago, I decided to start helping people to learn my native language, and in the process also discovered my lifelong passion for English.

It it through my own journey studying English that I gradually found out what learning a foreign language involves and how to make the process much more enjoyable, as well as learning how to overcome some of the barriers that usually make it such a daunting and difficult task. 

After my time at University, where I studied a degree in English Language, Culture and Literature, I decided to dedicate myself to helping English-Speaking people to become fluent in Spanish, and since then have developed a personalised method which is designed to help English Speakers learn Spanish in an enjoyable and relaxed way.

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