Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Importance of Hiring a Language Coach.

In any elite area you can think of people use coaches, so why not employ the services of a language learning coach.  Increasingly, people who wish to improve their performance are turning to coaches… life coaches, music coaches, executive coaches, sport coaches, fitness coaches, health coaches and the list goes on.  What is interesting is that with advanced performance, few people use teachers.  Teachers may be great when you are setting out, but in the advanced areas of a skill, coaches come into their own.
Coaches help refine your performance and your learning skills and approach so you can keep improving as well as to help keep you on target and on track.  In the more advanced areas of any area you have to do a lot of practice for yourself without the presence of anyone to help you, so the intermittent input of a coach can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your “practice.
The coach’s function may be to (in no particular order):
  • Help you to become more attentive to areas of your performance so you can improve in those areas
  • Identify areas of your language learning practice which may be holding you back.
  • Help you to clarify their goals, both long term and short term, including:
                    # clarify realistic and achievable goals,
                    # develop an action plan,
                    # monitor your progress and
                   # ensure you remain focused and moving towards achieving your                                              predetermined goal
  • Help you work through mindset issues that may be the main thing holding you back.
  • Provide improved and effective techniques in language learning, as required
There are different kinds of coaches, so it is important to find a coach that suits your needs.  One of the important distinctions between coaches is that there are ones that can help to empower you at the same time as helping you to get past particular roadblocks that may be holding you back. This in fact is my strength and what you will achieve if you use my services.
Sometimes all it needs for you to move on is to be made attentive to the areas where you can improve yourself.  Other times it needs the active intervention of the coach so there is actual work done on the performance, with the coach.  The area of language learning is similar to any other area, sometimes there are people at times who can, by themselves, get to native like performance.  But many times people can’t and get stuck in different areas, whether it be pronunciation, or elements of it like intonation; grammar or structure; writing, etc.
Finding the reasons why people get stuck is where an effective coach can add real value.  A good teacher may be able you to get past a particular problem, however within a short period of time another problem will appear.  An effective coach cannot only help you get past the particular issue holding you back, but can at the same time help you identify the cause of that and in that process enable you to face other problems that come up with enhanced skills for getting past the roadblocks.  So this kind of coach puts you on the path to being able to keep moving on your path to learning languages.  This may take more time for some people, and less for others.  It really depends on how readily you are able to let go of the attitudes, and ways of thinking holding you back.
There is not usually a great deal of time needed for me to have a favourable impact on results of a willing learner.  I may not need much time, it really depends on how open you are and how willing you are to embrace change Typically I find it best to work with my clients 1 hr per week. This way you can work on the methods and ideas discussed and report back the following week. Sometimes all it needs is to discover one minor adjustment that was holding you back from getting the results you desire, sometimes it may be more.  I am there for you to help you find whatever you need..
So if you feel you:
  • need a boost
  • are looking for some clear direction
  • want to accelerate your progress
  • want to stop feeling like you are stuck
Do yourself a favour and have a look at the language coaching. 

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