Tuesday, April 14, 2020

How To Find The Right Spanish Tutor.

The first question you may be asking yourself is: Why should I choose a Spanish tutor? While there are certainly learners who find that they learn best by themselves, most of us need the bumps, prods and even accountability afforded by learning with other people. For foreign language learners, a Spanish tutor represents a learning tool particularly catered to their individual needs and context.

Where can you look for a Spanish tutor?

Okay, let’s say that you are searching for the right Spanish tutor. Now, you are mentally creating a list of tutoring options that range in cost, convenience and potential value and you want to know which one to choose. Let’s take a look at some of the options!

Spanish Tutor #1: A College Student.

A college Spanish student is a tempting option when you are aiming for a low cost solution; however, college student tutors are not traditionally native speakers, nor do they have firsthand knowledge of the Latin-American or Spanish language and culture.

Spanish Tutor #2: A Local Craigslist Tutor.

This may actually be that same college student, a casual Spanish speaker, a native speaker looking for a language exchange or a Spanish Instructor who needs some spare cash. I
This option is really a hit or miss. The most important consideration is that a Craigslist Spanish Tutor may know how to speak flawless Spanish, but their capacity to teach might be very limited. Unless finding a local conversation partner is really your goal, this may not be the right option, especially for a novice Spanish Language Learner.

Spanish Tutor #3: An Online Tutor.

Today, you can find Spanish Tutors from many reputable online providers. However, these are mostly located outside your area or even in other countries. You get the benefit of convenience and even a reduced price tag, but you miss out on some of the more everyday little things like discussing local news and events or interacting face to face. There is also the worry that your online Spanish Tutor will be less than reliable and consistent, leaving you feeling that you are not getting what you paid for.

Spanish Tutor #4: A Tutoring Company.

With a tutoring company, be it online or a local business, you will get more reliable and trustworthy service, in an affordable and flexible package. However, the focus of such companies is generally broad in order to cater to a wide array of learning needs. Thus, tutoring companies often have very little experience with Spanish.

What Considerations are Important in Finding a Spanish Tutor?

In finding the right Spanish tutor for you, there are a number of considerations you should seriously think about. After all, you are investing your time and money into your Spanish speaking future…make your investment worth it.


If they offer Spanish tutoring, will they follow your school materials or implement their own? If they offer teaching, do they have their own curriculum that they follow or do they develop lessons on a day to day basis depending on a student’s present need?


If the Spanish tutoring is offered by an organization, you should ask yourself how they screen their Spanish tutors, i.e. are they native speakers? If an individual is offering their services, what is their level of education and, most importantly, their teaching experience especially in the capacity as a Spanish tutor?


How does the Spanish tutor approach the class structure? How is grammar incorporated? Are meetings exclusively conversation or is reading, writing and listening part of each meeting?


Does the Spanish tutor create and bring his or her own materials or do they work with the materials that you bring? Do they follow a specific book? Are their lessons catered to your individual skill level, learning goals, and interests?
Whatever your personal Spanish learning goals and needs are, know that we are always here for you. We believe in a balance of affordability and quality customized to your individual learning needs. All of our instructors are native speakers that have been background checked, undergo ongoing training, and have real-life experience. Call or email us if you are interested in chatting with one of our instructors and consider them as your Spanish tutor. 

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